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What makes us different?

1) We understand the big picture and connect the dots
How often do you see breakdowns in the various strategic activities within a company? 
Even within the same function, there is often a misalignment between global, regional and local stakeholders.  

Example: The global marketing team conducts a market research report which regional or local teams do not find very actionable.  Or that same report is only helpful for the marketing function, but adds no value to the commercial and innovation teams.  So they end up producing their own reports that don't gel with view of the marketing team.  

Innovation Connected acts as a conductor of an orchestra to ensure that all the 'players in the band plays the right tune'.  We understand the output from one strategic activity is the input for another one and so we ensure all the links are connected.
2) Hands on experience driving insights, strategy and innovation in global organisations
Many strategy and innovation consultants have never worked in large matrixed organisations where it takes time to build consensus and alignment to move ideas forward.  Some are from the start up world where there are little or no constraints to innovation, some come from traditional management consulting backgrounds where the focus is on operational efficiency, and others are from technology consulting where they typically focus on technology before putting the needs of humans first.

3) Specialists in diagnosing complex problems and designing pragmatic strategies
Clients and consultants alike often jump into the solution stage of innovation without fully understanding the problem(s) to solve and establishing clarity on what an ideal outcome would look like.  Often the hardest part of innovation is defining the right problem to solve and ensuring that a solution will work with the existing business model.
4) Experience + Asia
We have lead end-to-end innovation projects and launched products ourselves so understand that the organisation is only as strong the weakest link. This includes both hard and soft aspects of business.
We have worked extensively across the region and across industries.  So while we are masters of the strategic tools and frameworks we propagate, we are also well versed in working hands on with the various cultures in our region.  
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